Tantric Massage

Get off the beaten track and come and experience the authentic Tantric Massage that will bring numerous benefits to your overall well-being. Through the natural sensuality of Tantra touch, we can solve cases of premature ejaculation, lack of confidence, difficulty in natural delivery to another, self-acceptance and self-esteem, control your life/sexual energy Kundalini, among many other benefits. In total comfort, rediscover inner peace, rest and revitalize your being fully in a therapeutic and professional way.

Tantra is to know yourself better, revive Body and Soul.

"All tantric massages end with the LINGAM (man) YONI (woman) Massages."

Our massage for couples proposes a trip through sensations that can be a rich blessing and an inspiration to the relationship. Moments that open a sacred space that invites you to new dimensions of perception of your own body, to better enjoy the treasures that are within you both. During the massage, the couple will be guided in a caring and subtle way, allowing them to observe and remain in their feelings as and when they arise.

During the massage you are welcomed, praised and your body touched as a whole - including your inner being. To join as a couple in this energy and spiritual space in Tantra- nourished and effortlessly, can be a new and delicious experience. Tantric massage can be enjoyed with a partner or partner, for passionate people who want to deepen the relationship as a couple, as lovers or friends. Massage is a sensory, intimate experience that awakens confidence, brings new impulses and inspiration, and opens communication in matters of intimacy and mutual needs. It is an unforgettable, deep and suitable bonding experience for all couples aiming to improve their energy, interaction and unique opportunity if they re-discover each other better.

Lingam Massage (male sexual organ) - Made only from the client's front, more focused on the genital area, not to be confused with a masturbation session. For, a specific and elaborate method is used in this zone so that you become familiar with your energy in a healthy way and how best to deal with it.

All this energy, felt in this part of the body, causes a deep relaxation, an awareness of man's relationship with his own body, and obviously a great general well-being. Many people who suffer from premature ejaculation use the lingam massage to help them learn how to manipulate their energy, prolonging pleasure and increasing the sensitivity of that area.

Yoni Massage (female sexual organ) - The Yoni Massage is a therapy in great evolution worldwide, because this type of massage works the conscious and subconscious side of women. Having difficulty reaching orgasm is quite common nowadays, after all we live in an extremely tiring, exhausting and stressful routine, each of these elements usually acting negatively in the performance of the sex life.

It is a fact that a person with active and comforting sex life lives much better and Yoni Massage also serves as a form of self-knowledge, enhancing the understanding of the body itself and the psychological structure for the acceptance of your body and the directing of orgasmic energies through your body.

This type of massage has absolutely nothing to do with masturbation, or with purely sexual techniques, but should be considered an extremely healthy therapy, which is perfectly achievable by women of different age groups (usually the Common age is between 26 and 45 years), which is the period of life in which the woman has the most sexual appetite and at the same time greater insecurity to indulge herself in a whole relationship.

Method based on meditation, Kundalini breathing techniques, touch, contemplation, massage, movement, change and awakening the energy flow. Rebalance your emotional and sexual life with Tantra Therapies and have better awareness and knowledge of the importance of the proper delivery of your being to the emptiness and a new expectation about Sacred Sexuality. As they say “make love without sex”.

Here we have a strand of tantric massage with a fusion of soft and intense touches that become deep, sensual and exciting touches. There is more delivery on the part of the masseuse (greater energetic delivery), higher content of sensuality (through touch), and in terms of their sexuality the touches are more stimulating and the sensations more intense. A very affectionate massage that awakens many of your senses ... Emotional relaxation guaranteed.

A transformative and wonderful massage where the participant is asked to share the quality of the Tantric touch, subtle and delicate, body language and breathing during a tantric session, despite the interaction between the client and the therapist is quite intense, we invite the client to maintain control of their instinct and continue to let go, feel and develop its energy to the top of his/her excitement.

Tantric massage therapy is made with very light touch streaming, aiming to awaken the natural senses of the body, thus expanding the finer aspects, or sensory. It is related to the vital energy, chakras and bioelectricity. Touches aid in energy reorganization of the body. As the touches are light, it is a comforting massage, which affects the emotional body dissolving past memories and patterns.

In addition to the comfortable touch, the Self is taken to find a deeper and more conscious breathing, within a comfortable aspect, so you can bring a better quality of feeling, holding body sensations. With the continuous flow of touch by the body's vital energy is strengthened, waking greater liveliness that encourages all sectors of life, but especially sexuality, the natural delivery to love.